I like Vocaloid, MikuFxxkYou

And another video just for good will. Love you <3… I’m so alone

Well I finally remembered my password for this account, (curse my idea for using a different password) Well anyways, here’s a song to hopefully make up for it. I mean it’s not like I like you or anything…

Hey look I’m back, it seems I’ve neglected my idea to post a song a day, so I’m gonna post 4 today. Ok so 3.

Love Jumpstlye, Love Miku, Put ‘em together and you get a song that makes me jump.

Luka and Miku, I love this song :]

Ok so… I do really like this song, but unfortunately without the english name, which does not exist in my itunes library I cannot find the lyrics. Unfortunate. Does anyone know the name in English for this song?

Edit: Thanks a lot to Mirosdarko, I had gotten that name from google but felt as though it was wrong. Again thanks.

MFW I have two actual followers.

MFW I have two actual followers.

Supercell made so many good Vocaloid tracks, and this one. The song is so easy to listen to, just like their other tracks. And as always it has a story that conveys the feelings of someone who wishes things were like they are in the movies, and hopes for that one romantic moment.

Gakupo… creeps me out.

Don’t just roll through life, you have to live every moment and not just move through the motions. Make up new motions, change them up, and sometimes don’t move to the motion of the crowd.

And I have to say that I have Luka Fever. She is one of my flavorites :3

What’s a Vocaloid page without Po Pi Po? I mean everyone loves vegetables don’t they? And for only 200 yen? Wow.

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Alice in Wonderland is a very nice story about a girl’s trip into what seems to be her imaginary world, but dreams are dangerous, and a world that is shaped to your dreams even more.

I’ve found 40mp to make some music with Miku that I really like, and especially this one’s story. It’s all about a girl who grows, all the while having the world see her just hoping that the guy next to her will finally notice her.